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Галерея: Вилл Вандом

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Will Vandom (by Norm27)
at first she's just another random girl
and then I realize that she looks like Will Vandom from Witch (Disney)
soo... I guess this is a fan art... lol

Теги: W.I.T.C.H.,Will Vandom,Will,Вилл Вандом,Вилл



Will Vandom (by Rejuvenesce)
Will Vandom in her new Power Girl outfit :3 The swirly designs on her right pant leg are meant to be on the other side but you wouldn't be able to see it :( Also my first attempt at drawing wings so it could have turned out a bit better. Hopefully it still looks okay!
Contest entry to W-I-T-C-H-Universe!
Wish me luck >w<

EDIT: Aaaaaah I came 2nd~ I can't believe it!



Azula and Will - Two Energy (by VivianBy)
I very love Azula in Avatar, she is so great and amazing!
I like will too, but she is not my favorite hero in W.i.t.c.h.



Fanart Will Dancing - Keepers contest (by Alise-arts)
This is my entry for the Keepers contest: The Keepers Contest (2nd Edtion, Closed)
Matt and Cobalt Blue are playing and Will is having the best time of her life dancing without a care in the world. (for once :))
I always loved this dress, she wore this when she told Matt about the heart for the first time (even though Nerissa ruined the moment) ;)

I hope you like it, it's been a while that I did some WITCH fanart, it was a lot of fun to do so again. :D

Will Vandom © Disney
I used references for her face, hair and the dress.



Will Vandom (by solaroid)
This is supposed to be a quick warmup sketch to get me in the mood for my essay. Several hours later, and I still have not started on the essay…I swear it is relevant to my topic!

This is Will Vandom from W.I.T.C.H. I used to faithfully collect the comic issues, all the way up to the Arkhanta Saga… It is still a precious childhood memory!



Good Old Times (by Aquarian-Rose)
An entry for the contest being held at The Keepers Contest (2nd Edtion, 32,000 points), which we had to draw Will having fun. I'm quite aware that I turned into the wrong way about the theme lol, since I never read on the magazines that she liked playing with Kiko but oh well, it was her pet, I assume she would like to play with him, I just wanted to do a different thing. Why you died, sweet ball of fur? T_T I think I cried back then...
May do another entry, if I have time

Will and Kiko belongs to W.I.T.C.H., Disney (c)

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