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Общая галерея для W.I.T.C.H.

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Tali-witch (by spaceMAXmarine)

Imagery of Tali (x10) (by spaceMAXmarine)
At last finished all 10 variations. All processing is done in Photoshop. first 3 image I had originally (I have not exhibited before) but at the moment I added to his collection.

Теги: W.I.T.C.H.,Will Vandom,Taranee Cook,Cornelia Hale,Irma Lair,Hay Lin,Will,Taranee,Cornelia,Irma,Вилл Вандом,Вилл,Тарани Кук,Тарани,Корнелия Хейл,Корнелия,Ирма Лэр,Ирма,Хай Лин,Tali,Тали,Cedric,Седрик,Vathek,Ватек,Matt,Мэтт



An off-day for Matt (by Mistrel-Fox)
GW and I had a little talk about how Flynn and Matt are similar to each other, and it has come to this. Thanks for the idea, hon! Although I nearly died of fangasm while drawing this, but it doesn't matter.

Sooo... Matt and Will in "Tangled" AU. lol. Matt acts like Flynn, which is awesome, and Will acts like Rapunzel, which is... just odd. Moreover, it was terribly difficult to draw her in a pink dress, 'cause this is totally not her style!

I wasn't sure whether to draw Will with long hair, or leave her with normal hairstyle. In the end I settled on the short hair, because Will with ten yards of red hair is no longer Will.

Oh yeah, except Will, there's also Matt. Hot, charming, smexy, awesome Matt. SO LOOOVE HIMMM.



Station of Awekening W.i.t.c.h Coloured ver (by LupiViri)
Here's what you all guys been waiting, the Station Of Awakening in color, I hope it as good as the other's because I'm not that sure if I did that well but I'll let you judge it.

Again all thanx to KeeperSeekerX, your idea inspired me to do this, and you deserve as much as credits as I did (or do). *Applause*

It would be good if Square Enix had included them, American Dragon and Kim Possible so I decided to make some more Kingdom Hearts with them included.



sketch WITCH (by shamall0w)
yes i love Cornelia!
HA! no Hay-lin?! I apologize!!

sorry for my bad english!



Witch sketch (by ElisaFerrari)
Sketch tribute to one of my favourites comics ever!

I was so sad when I saw that the story and the characters were going to be ruined.
At the beginning this five powerful girls were so amazing and all their adventures were interesting!
But at a certain point, everything changed and both witch and their problems, magical and personal, became superficial and trivial...

Truly sad!



W.I.T.C.H. Characters of vol.1 (by Phobs)
Darlings. First vol. of comics - It's nostalgia )
Everybody in here (c) Soleil & Elisabetta Ghone




W.I.T.C.H. - Halloween 2000 (by Phobs)
Elyon, Cedric & Vathek (c) Soleil, Elisabetta Ghone and Disney




Hypno contest (by Gretlusky)
I did this in record time, the contest ends tomorrow! [link]
this could have been better with more time, but I have this tendency to always do everything in the last minute
kjfhkjdfhk and I should be doing a lot of homework!
coloring this was so much funn




Comic Cornelia - Contest (by DonPapi)
I made this page for the cornelia contest here:  Cornelia Hale hypno contest (55,000 point)




Elyon (by chameleonskyes)
For the W.I.T.C.H. Hypno Contest here: [link]

This here is Elyon Brown from W.I.T.C.H.; though she isn't one of the main characters, I find her design to be most appealing out of all of the characters. I guess it's because of her hair? The contest is asking more for art of W.I.T.C.H. characters hypnotized, but I didn't like how she looked hypnotized so she looks regular here. If the contestholder wishes it, however, I can edit her eyes to make her appear hypnotized.

I've never been a W.I.T.C.H. fan and have never known much about the series beyond seeing the characters, but Elyon's design really stuck with me. I remember I had an OC with hair somewhat based on hers when I was younger (about five years ago?) so that's part of what made me draw her (instead of Cornelia or Hay Lin, my original choices). This picture came about as an accident with using too much black colored pencil, but in the end I'm quite happy with the outcome looking darker and less bright than my usual style, so maybe I'll play with this method of coloring more as well.

This obviously isn't in the original style of the comics or tv series, but I hope she looks fine anyways! Another picture I drew for this contest can be found at [link]




CE: going to the seaside (by NIkly)
My entry for the W.I.T.C.H contest that is being held here: Epic Eylon Contest (Closed)

I don't live far from the seaside, and, for the people who don't want to drive or for those without a car, there is a bus that goes there. The road that brings to the seaside near where I live goes through the countryside, with trees, wheat fields, and orchards. I find it very pretty.
So I wanted to draw that peaceful feeling that accompanies a beautiful day of summer and holyday. Our girls are waiting for the bus so they can pass the day at the beach, relaxing and having fun :).

W.I.T.C.H., and Elyon.




After Flying Lesson (by YummingDoe4)
The commission for Gerganafen

The CHYNK girls after their first flying lesson. Well Nerissa obviousely didn't do so well. Kadma seems a Little stressed as well. Don't ask me, why I picked this theme. It just came to me :D As for the stars: I just like stars. And I thought to prevent Attention they might practice during night. TADA!

I must admit though it was a little tricky getting their features right, since I'm mostly used to the WITCH generation. But it was fun anyway!

Hope you like it.




W.I.T.C.H: New style (by cibo-nasu)



W.I.T.C.H._Fire_Storm (by Conquistabear)
I love these characters. I decided to give the image of the dark queen of Elyon, and Cedric the image of the dark knight.




Date with the Guardian of Gravity (by Banditcat123)
This took me a very long time to get the background right and still make it look spacey.
When I first watched the show I always wanted to make my own character, it was metal powers at first but gravity powers is so much cooler.
Anyways this is for the w-i-t-c-h-ultimate.deviantart.… w.i.t.c.h contest.
This is fan art, any and all copyrights go to there respected owners.

DeviantArt [Feb 3, 2014]



WITCH (by Gretlusky)
Avatar crossover, this is my entry for WITCH 10th Anniversary Freestyle Contest
It was looots of fun!

Hay Lin: Airbender
Taranee: Firebender
Will: The keeper of the heart, she possesses the energy of the four elements, therefore I decided to draw her in the Avatar clothes (Korra)
Irma: Waterbender
Cornelia: Earthbender

Merry christmas! http://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/h/heart.gif

DeviantArt [Dec 24, 2014]

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